The Music

She had so few choices. She chose to survive.

Songs from Bordello, The Musical are registered with BMI.

It was common for men to dance with other men while they waited their turns with the prostitutes.

Understanding The Music

WHAT AWAITS: Welcome to the world of Buenos Aires, where everything’s a hustle and everyone’s for sale.

LET ME SEE YOUR SMILE: Raquel must say goodbye to her son, to spare him from the life she has to live.

MILONGA: Cesar meets Raquel for the first time as he’s buffeted around by the dancers all trying to entice him into the Bordello.

STOLEN AWAY: Softened by Cesar’s kindness, Raquel shares a brief vulnerable moment with him and tells her story.

CESAR’S TANGO: Cesar is moved by Raquel’s story and wants to write about it but he wants to know more and calls upon his imaginary muse, Clara, to help him understand.

GELT: Grigor and Ivan are two mis-matched pimps who are bound together by their work. But Grigor thinks Ivan doesn’t have to look like the thug he is and suggests he get a better tailor.

THE LAST TIME: Raquel determines that she will not be a victim any longer and will do what it takes to stand up for herself.

THE DAY SHE RAN AWAY: Sophie, in her solo moment, explains why yellow is unlucky for her as it was the color she wore the day she was hunted down and sold into prostitution.


Singers: Tess Primack, Mezzo Soprano; Dana Aber, Mezzo Soprano; Patty Neiman, Alto; Dale Sampson, Tenor; Brad Bradley, Baritone; Jason Pintar, Baritone; Hannah Gaffney

Musicians: Adam Fisher, violoncello; Sam Sadigursky, clarinet in Bb and clarinet in C; Raúl Jaurena, bandoneon; Federico Diaz, electric guitar and nylon guitar; Pablo Lanouguere, electric bass and double bass; Juan Ignacio Rivas Bixio, drums; Emiliano Messiez, piano and keyboards

Recorded at “Bacque Recording Studios” in New Jersey and “Studio G” in Brooklyn, NY.

Luis Bacqué, recording mixing and mastering engineer; Pablo López Ruiz, additional engineering; Thom Beemer & Ronnie Di Simone, assistant engineers.

Lyrics by Barbara Bellman.

Music composed and orchestrated by Emiliano Messiez.

All rights reserved.