Singers: Tess Primack, Mezzo Soprano; Dana Aber, Mezzo Soprano; Patty Neiman, Alto; Dale Sampson, Tenor; Brad Bradley, Baritone; Jason Pintar, Baritone; Hannah Gaffney

Musicians: Adam Fisher, violoncello; Sam Sadigursky, clarinet in Bb and clarinet in C; Raúl Jaurena, bandoneon; Federico Diaz, electric guitar and nylon guitar; Pablo Lanouguere, electric bass and double bass; Juan Ignacio Rivas Bixio, drums; Emiliano Messiez, piano and keyboards

Recorded at “Bacque Recording Studios” in New Jersey and “Studio G” in Brooklyn, NY.

Luis Bacqué, recording mixing and mastering engineer; Pablo López Ruiz, additional engineering; Thom Beemer & Ronnie Di Simone, assistant engineers.

Lyrics by Barbara Bellman.

Music composed and orchestrated by Emiliano Messiez.

All rights reserved.